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Redifining the boundaries between comics, mangas, videogames, live action cinema and animation, Art Ludique highlights work by the talented creators which remains in our minds and influences the arts of their era. The drawings, paintings and sculptures created by the large animation studios, superhero artists, set designers and authors of comics now have a proper exhibition space worthy of talent which is recognised around the world.









Thanks to the phenomenal success of these productions of the creative industry, Art Ludique has become a space for contemporary art and the general public to meet, a place where this figurative and narrative style can be enjoyed by family members of all generations and where they can see the astounding artistic dimension behind the works of art which make us all dream.

Les Docks en Seine, already home to the la Cité de la Mode et du Design, has iconic avant-garde architecture which is perfectly suited to the universe of Art Ludique. Overlooking the Seine in the east of Paris, in a resolutely innovative area, it offers both the space and location needed to receive thousands of visitors throughout the year.,

The Museum will host important temporary exhibitions throughout the year, as well as a permanent collection arranged chronologically, showcasing the most influential figurative artists of the last few centuries, along with contemporary artists from around the globe working for comics, mangas, cinema, animation and videogames.

Visitors will also be able to familiarise themselves with the new digital technology used by today’s artists, and better understand the major artistic dimension required in making an animated film or videogame. Signing sessions, conferences, debates and master classes will also be organised regularly in the Museum, allowing the general public, students and industry professionals to meet the greatest artists in their field.